Practical Simplicity


We design and develop HR policies, procedures and staff handbooks that are tailored to suit the organisation, with training if required. All are compliant with current legislation, but we will go further and provide “future proofing” to ensure you are always ahead of the game. In addition we can provide a monthly HR retainer service for small organisations

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We believe that equality, diversity and inclusion are crucial for organisational success, and essential for individual well-being . Flexibility and the willingness to innovate are the keys to helping individuals achieve work-life balance. In return you get a highly committed workforce, able to cope with constant change.

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All our courses care designed to suit the needs of the client, their company policies and culture. We work hard to create a relaxed and participative climate in which people can understand processes more clearly, identify and apply practical solutions to their problems, and gain confidence in their own abilities. We also offer ILM accredited courses.

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We are experienced in recruitment at all levels and work with you to develop recruitment documentation that attracts the right candidates, makes it easy to shortlist, and formulate critical questions. In addition we can conduct a number of relevant psychometric tests to ensure you get the right person for the job.

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Welcome to Pet&r

We are an independent HR and Training Consultancy offering a diverse range of courses and services tailored to the needs of clients. Working with Pet&r means your organisation can improve processes and people, demonstrate best practice and achieve real and sustainable change. Helping you to reduce wasted time, wasted money and wasted effort

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The Waterfall Approach

When we design and deliver our services, we take inspiration from our waterfall picture.

We create refreshing and fluid solutions to your organisations needs. 

We tailor courses to create a relaxed and participative climate to encourage free-flowing ideas to develop organically. This enables people to understand processes more clearly, gain in confidence and cascade this through the whole organisation.

Our extensive track record and skills reduces risk, provides a wide range of knowledge and allows us to meet your needs and help you become a force for change.

We can:

Help your organisation bring in the right people and grow the talent you have

Help develop policies and procedures to meet your needs not just tick government boxes

Help your team work more effectively or plan for the future.