Many small or new organisations do not have the experience or processes required to cope with taking on staff. We can provide a complete service in this area from recruitment documentation to interview and selection support.


Employing staff can be a daunting prospect due to all the Employment Legislation that needs to be adhered to. It is important to get it right from the start to save time, money and hassle. We can provide a complete service in this area helping you to get the right person for the job and help them through the first few weeks of employment.


Recruitment Documentation and Interviewing

We are experienced in recruitment at all levels from Interns/School leavers to Chief Executives. We work with you to develop recruitment documentation that attract the right candidates, make it easy to shortlist, and formulate critical questions. These include job descriptions, person specifications, job adverts, interview questions and techniques. We have considerable experience of training panel members drawn from the community or multi-agency partner organisations. If required we can also sit on interview panels, offering professional advice during the interview process.


Selection Testing

Using behaviour event techniques we can improve the quality of information that clients can get from their candidates and enable them to justify their decisions. 

We can develop bespoke assessment centre self-assessment questionnaires offering useful insights into how individuals rate their own skills and abilities in client specific areas. We can also offer a range of measures on factors such as Influencing, Emotional Control, Leadership, Communications, Assertiveness, Project Management, and Learning Styles.

Peter Hammond holds a Statement of Competence in Occupational Testing at Level A from the British Psychological Society and is certified at Level B (intermediate). He is licensed to use a large range of occupational testing products from one of the UK’s leading suppliers, testing a wide range of abilities and workplace competencies.


Here are just some of the test we can provide to help our clients get the right person for the job:

Saville Consulting Wave Focus Styles

The results are based on a comparison with a group of international professionals and managers.  As it is a self-report measure, the results reflect the individual’s self-perceptions.  However, extensive research has shown it to be a valid measure of how people will operate in the workplace.  The information is likely to remain valid for 12 to 24 months.

The competency potential profile summarises each candidate’s areas of greater and lesser potential based upon Saville Consulting’s extensive database.

The competency descriptions fall into four clusters, each compromising three sections.

These are: –

  • Solving problems: evaluating problems; investigating issues; and creating innovation 
  • Influencing people: building relationships; communicating information; and providing leadership
  • Adapting approaches: showing resilience; adjusting to change; and giving support
  • Delivering results: processing details; structuring tasks; and driving success


ILM 72 (Integrated Leadership Model) enables the identification of key skills and competencies for effective leadership and informs effective coaching and personal development. It explains an individuals adopted leadership style and identifies how this style can be developed.


MTQ48 (The Mental Toughness Questionnaire) has been specifically designed to enable people to understand what they need to do to respond more effectively to the pressures in today’s world of work. It focuses on four subscales are called the 4C’s

  1. Control
  2. Challenge (sometimes called change orientation)
  3. Commitment
  4. Confidence

It generates reports identifying suggestions for individual development, coaching or assessment /interviewing as required. Additional reports are also available to show distance travelled over time or in the case of work teams or recruitment cohorts, team toughness can also be profiled.

The MTQ48 has been used extensively in international business contexts and has been endorsed by the British Psychological Society for its reliability and validity.


Induction and Staff Handbooks

Once you have found your new employee it doesn’t stop there. It is a daunting experience starting at a new place or work, you don’t know anyone and you are unsure of all the specific roles and procedures within the organisation. This settling in period can be difficult for both employee and employer, we can help you develop systems and resources which will help employees settle into their new position quicker and easier. These include developing appropriate induction procedures and staff handbooks to give the new employee all the information they need in an appropriate format, as well as designing any initial training programmes to get the new employee up to speed as quickly as possible.