We believe that equality, diversity and inclusion are crucial for organisational success, and essential for individual well-being. In return you get a highly committed workforce, able to cope with constant change.


Flexibility and the willingness to innovate are the keys to helping individuals achieve work-life balance. We can help you be precise about your needs, seek out strengths rather than weaknesses and “find square holes”. Here are some of the ways we can help you develop a more diverse and productive workforce.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Strategy Development and Monitoring

Over the last 10 years there have been significant changes in legislation in this area. It is unlawful to discriminate, directly or indirectly, against people on the grounds of, Age, Disability, Gender (including reassignment) Marital/civil partnership status, Pregnancy and maternity, Race, Religion or similar philosophical belief, Sexual orientation. We can help you develop policies, strategies and schemes which are up to date, legal and follow best practice. We can help you develop monitoring and auditing systems which will give you the information you need to ensure your workforce and customers are treated fairly and equally and performance indicators to help you identify problem areas and solutions. 


Diversity and Social Inclusion Awareness and Dignity at Work Schemes

We can help you become fully aware of the issues around diversity and social inclusion and assist you in making reasonable adjustments to accommodate a truly diverse workforce and client base. We can also train your staff and managers in a wide range of equality and diversity issues from the legal framework to individual responsibilities including, challenging inappropriate behaviour and reporting harassment, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, appreciating the barriers facing different people, and equality and the performance management framework.


Bullying, Harassment and Victimisation at Work

Bullying, harassment and victimisation issues are often hard to identify, difficult to deal with, and left unchecked, they can cause major disruption to managers and their teams and are often linked to equality and social inclusion issues. Some of the more common effects include: poor morale and employee relations; reduced performance and productivity; absenteeism and loss of talent; damage to the organisations reputation and loss of respect for managers. We can help you develop appropriate policies to deal with any issues of bullying, harassment and victimisation and train staff to recognise what is and is not acceptable behaviour at work and what to do about it.


Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is the ability to cope with everyday life. We can all experience poor mental health: low mood, stress, or anxiety and they can come about when issues go on for a long time and impact on our ability to enjoy and live our lives as we want. Poor mental wellbeing can seriously impact productivity, absenteeism and team success. We can help you develop policies and systems which help support employees mental health as well as train staff to identify key signs that someone is having trouble with their mental wellbeing. We can help you develop Wellness Action Plans (WAP) and guide you on how to plan and undertake delicate mental wellbeing conversations.